"Many thanks again for giving our daughter the opportunity to be part of the Lodge. She just loves it which makes us over the moon happy and a huge thank you also to your staff. My husband and I think they do an outstanding job.  Our daughter has learned so much already plus we both love the atmosphere among your staff. It feels like being part of a warm-hearted family, exactly what we were looking for our daughter."          M Mueller Oct 2019


This is my first experience of The Lodge but have experienced other preschool settings with my older boys and I am hugely impressed.  When my daughter first attended The Lodge she struggled with her colours.  These have all been buttoned down.  My daughter clearly enjoys her time at preschool and this is reinforced by how well she is developing.  A huge thank you to the entire team with a special thanks to her key person.

A Stanley Feb 2020


Comments from our Parent Survey 2019


"We have been so impressed with the way our child's key person took the initiative with our child, calling us in and raising her concerns.  This prompted us to get a speech and language therapist involved which I think will really help her going forward. Our child's Key Person has demonstrated great care and skill in adapting to our child's needs, being firm and kind at the right times. We really appreciated the individual attention that she gave our child and her patience in finding out what worked for her.  All the staff help create the warmth and security that makes The Lodge special. We liked it so much for our first child we put our second child on the waiting list when she was just a few weeks old, and we would do the same again!" O Cornes


I couldn't be happier with The Lodge.  Behaviour management and development of social skills have been important to me and I feel that the teachers have really supported my children with this.  Above all my boys are really happy there and have therefore had a very positive experience.  I think the teachers at The Lodge go above and beyond for my children and seem to care so much about them.” R Bell


"We have been so happy with how all the staff at The Lodge have helped to bring our child along.  Her mobility and confidence have improved beyond recognition and we owe a lot to all at The Lodge for this.  The nurturing and caring environment has made her feel secure and she has learnt how to follow rules and behave well.  The breadth of topics and activities at The Lodge is amazing and so well planned and executed.  It has been lovely to see how everyone at The Lodge has looked after my children.  To take my child from where she was to where she is now has been amazing and anyone with a child that has challenges before starting with The Lodge should be encouraged by our experience." R Drake


Comments from our Parents Survey 2018


The staff are really lovely and caring.  This is very much in contrast to most other settings I have seen / heard about (where staff are often very young, not genuinely very interested in the children, demotivated and don't feel as part of a team, and fluctuation is therefore very high).


The staff at The Lodge are the greatest asset.  They are caring, friendly, motivated and extremely good at what they do.


I think The Lodge is well run / managed and achieves the desired outcomes.


The staff set The Lodge apart from other Nursery Schools I considered.  In particular, I like the fact that all staff are Mums and have first hand experience of their own children first and foremost.


I like the 'structured' mornings at The Lodge.  When I last looked at preschools this definitely set The Lodge apart from others.  I am a great believer in routine and think this helps bring out the best in children.  Knowing 'what comes next' can never be a bad thing.


A strength of The Lodge is the very personal relationship children get with their keyworker.


What I love about The Lodge is the loving and nurturing atmosphere of The Lodge.


You're doing a great job!  The handover from Mrs Smith was well-managed and things seem to be going very smoothly with the same high standards and friendly atmosphere.


I think the information given is ample.  I know that if I need more information I can speak to my daughter's key person.


Makaton has been a great help and increased my child's confidence.  



Dear all. For those of you considering pre-schools for your little ones I'd like to recommend The Lodge in sevenoaks. I don't even know where to start in telling you how amazing this pre-school is. The staff are experienced, professional and incredibly loving and caring to the children in their care. They have nurtured, loved and taught my son for the last two years. Not only have they been amazing with him but also given me huge support through difficult times. He and I will miss the school very much.

E. Shaw


I second that. It's a wonderful preschool. I'm very sad to be saying goodbye when my youngest finishes this week.

J. Tyrrell-Clark


Other Testimonials


Many thanks again for giving [my child] the opportunity to be part of the Lodge. She just loves it which makes us over the moon happy and a huge thank you also to your staff. My husband and I think they do an outstanding job, My daughter has learned so much already plus we both love the atmosphere among your staff. It feels like being part of a warm-hearted family, exactly what we were looking for our daughter.

M Mueller


Both my children absolutely love being at The Lodge. The nurturing nature of all the staff is what makes such a huge difference.

M. Barber



Fantastic nursery school where children are encouraged to thrive and grow through the care and attention they get from their Key Persons and all the staff.

S. B.


This is the second child I have sent to The Lodge and I cannot emphasize strongly enough how fantastic a start The Lodge has given my children. The staff do an amazing job and I would recommend to everyone.

Mrs N. P.


All 3 of our children have attended The Lodge and have all thrived during their time here. The teachers are - without exception - kind and caring, while also preparing the children brilliantly for the start of school. It is such a wonderful introduction for the children's education - we will be sad to say goodbye when it's our time to leave!

V. B.


The Lodge is a very special place, I am extremely happy and will continue to actively promote it to family and friends in the area.

L. S.


I am so pleased that my son is at The Lodge! The calibre and visible sincerity of care for children is evident and staff also go the extra mile, are friendly and warm. I am so grateful for their support and work.

J. L.


Both of my children have been very happy at The Lodge, despite them being very different children. This is a testament to how well the teachers are committed to ensuring that every child is happy and their needs are met.

It is a very impressive pre-school.

Mrs L. D.


The Lodge has provided a wonderful start to both my daughters schooling. Not only do they achieve high levels in their learning and development but they are genuinely nurtured and cared for.

We will greatly miss all the staff at the Lodge and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Mrs O. M.


The Lodge has provided my daughter with a holistic and professional early years education which has prepared her well for school and been a significant element of her personal development.

The staff, organisation, culture and performance are flawless.

Mr T. M.


The Lodge children visited on 10 June 2010. "The children were excellently behaved and the group was the most organised this year"

Paul Howard, Blue Reef Aquarium, Rock-A-Nore Road, Hastings, East Sussex.


The school staff are excellent. The Lodge is a perfect starting point for any child to begin their pre-school years.

Mrs P. Lunt


The Lodge Nursery School is very special place where the children blossom. I cannot praise it highly enough.

Mrs Fiona Mosley


The work was fun, the days were fun!

Kitty, now age 6


The staff at The Lodge could not be more kind or caring. It provides a very happy and secure environment for the children to play and learn.

Mrs Helen Hall


Quite simply, my daughter loves it at The Lodge.

Mrs Bec Adams


I have always enjoyed my invites to the lodge to instruct the children in the correct manner of road safety. You are always made very welcome by both the children and the staff with plenty of offers of tea or coffee. The teachers always knows precisely what is required but still allow plenty of freedom to inform the children in my own manner. The children are always very well behaved and are very attentive to the instructions I provide. When ever I am there you can always see how much the staff love the children and their jobs there.

Marian Turner

Crossing Patrol Officer


The Lodge is a fantastic learning place for any child. A balance of structured learning and free play. My child is very happy going to school. I would recommend it to any parent looking for a pre-school.

Mrs Caroline Davies


Very well structured learning in a happy and stimulating environment.

Mr and Mrs Hook


My daughter asks every morning if its a "school" day and gets very excited when told yes! It was a big deal for me to find a caring and productive environment to entrust my child. I definitely feel like I found the best possible place for her. I wouldn't change a single thing.

Mrs Emma Kutchera


On the 30/04/2009 I visited The Lodge Nursery to talk to the children about Road Safety and my role in Kent Police.


On my arrival the children arranged themselves into a group, ready for the talk, and all were attentive, happily interacted with me and most importantly were well-mannered throughout.


After I had finished I stayed for a gratefully received cup of tea and walked around watching the children colouring individual pictures of a policeman. The concentration on some of their faces was fantastic.


All the staff at The Lodge, based on what I saw when I visited, do a fantastic job and the proof of this reflects in the behaviour of the children.