These policies are reviewed annually and updated where necessary (or earlier if required by regulatory change.)


Click here for our main policies and procedures (list of contents below)


Our list of policies:

Admission and Fees

Arrivals and Departures

Animals Policy

Bad and Extreme Weather Policy

Behaviour Management and Achieving Positive Behaviour Policy

Camera and Digital Photography Policy

Child Protection - Policy and Procedure For Safeguarding Children, including Recording Guidelines

Child Protection - Allegations of Abuse made against members of Staff - Policy and Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Confidentiality Policy

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Policy

Curriculum Policy

Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety

Equal Opportunities Policy

Equipment and Resources Policy

Food and Drink Policy and Practice

General Data Protection Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Fire and Safety Risk Assessment Policy

Illness and Accidents Policy

Locating Lost Children Procedure

Mobile Phones Policy

Nappy changing Policy

Outdoor Learning Policy

Outings and Visits Policy and Procedure

Outing Volunteers – Code of Conduct

Pandemic Flu Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

Participation Policy

Play Policy

Record Keeping for Key Persons Policy

Record Retention Policy

Recruitment Policy

Risk Assessment Policy

Settling In - Policy and Practice

Smoking Alcohol and Drugs Policy

Special Educational Needs / Disability Policy

Staffing and Employment Policy

Staff and Volunteer Induction and In-Service Training

Student Placement Policy

Tapestry Online Journal Policy

Transition to Primary School Policy

Uncollected Children Procedure

Violence and Aggression against Staff Procedures


Safeguarding Policies and Procedures

In addition to the above, our full safeguarding policies:


Safeguarding Children Policy

Safer Recruitment Policy

Safeguarding Allegations against Staff Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Online Safety


See also our Acceptable Use policy statement and online safety resources on our useful links page.  


Other full policies available on request include:

Babysitting policy

Private Fostering policy

Staff disciplinary policy

Social Media policy

Online policy

Professional photographer policy

Prevention of Radicalisation policy

Intimate care policy


Privacy Notice

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Inclusion is about treating every person as an individual and seeking to meet their individual needs.  These needs may be related to their age, gender, sexuality, physical or mental ability, culture, or religion.  The Lodge strives to meet the diverse and various needs of all children by aiming to remove physical and social barriers to their participation.  We aim to promote and support the inclusion of all children.


The club has a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) who manages the provision for children with special educational needs or physical disabilities.