Daily Timetable



We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our families and staff during this time.  During the pandemic climate we have made certain adaptations to our usual routines in order to adhere to the latest Department of Education Guidance for keeping children in education safe during the pandemic climate.  This is constantly reviewed and we flexibly adapt our procedures as a result of regular review of the guidance and regular risk assessments.  For example, we have introduced more regular hand sanitising into our routines..  More information on our COVID protective measures is communicated clearly to new parents.  

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9.00am -9.15am

Children arrive, and after registering with a member of staff on duty, sit at designated tables to do activities with their Key Person, such as fine motor activities, puzzles, threading, construction, sorting games, etc. Parents/carers settle children in with their Key Person.  Children self-register, learning to recognise their own name card at their table and to put it on the register board.  



Blue table children have a group / lesson session. Yellow table children go to small hall every day except Wednesday for their  group / lesson session. Both Yellow and Blues join together in the main hall on Wednesdays for their this session.  During this session we use stories, songs, action rhymes and other resources and tools to explore a topic and we use this time to learn about phonics, numbers, seasons, weather, the world around us, etc.    



Children involved in an adult-initiated activity relating to previous session, modelled and supported by Key Person and other teachers.  Activities are designed to reinforce our learning and to practice key skills such as mark making, grip, finger and hand strength, cutting skills, etc.  This session may be indoors or outdoors.  



Playtime in a well designed play environment which is set up differently every day with a range of activities and equipment to chose from.  The resources on offer are different each day and there will be a well-planned selection for children to chose from, for example:

- constuction such as trains, Lego and construction resources for Early Years;

- small world toys such as cars, dolls house, dinosaurs, under water life, Happyland, Peppa Pig, "what people do";  

- messy and sensory play such as water, sand, jelly baff, playdough;

- fine motor skills activities such as threading, magnetic boards, puzzles, mazes;

- gross motor activities such as climbing frame, slide, stepping stones, balance bar, obstacle courses;

- den building;

- role play and imaginative play such as home corner, puppet theatre, dressing up, baby care, workers kits.


Snack time

Free play is followed by toileting and hand washing. This is followed by snack time. Children sit at their table with their Key Person and are offered a variety of fruit and they are encouraged to help share out snack and pour their own milk/water.


After break, table top toys and other play equipment are put out and play continues. Weather permitting children will spend time in the garden. Outside we offer children a range of activities from physical play games, obstacle courses, slides, trammpolines and climbing, ride ons and push alongs, planting, watering and caring for our plants and vegetables, mark making and messy play.  



Tidy up time. Children encouraged to sort toys and place in correct boxes, dress dolls to put them away etc.  We use songs to support this process.  


After tidy up time, children enjoy a music session.  The children learn and practice topical songs and we use musical instruments, music and movement.  During this session we will also use a variety of equipment such as the parachute, obstacle course equipment, balance beam, audio games, puppets etc.  



Story time.



Home time - children are called to the door one by one as their parents/carers arrive. The children are marked off the register as they depart.


Termly and weekly topics, themes, colours, phonics and special events are communicated by email, are displayed on our noticeboard and parents receive weekly WhatsApp reminders and these are also posted to our FB page and available on our website here.