About us




The Lodge Nursery School is a truly unique, well established privately run Nursery School.  The Lodge team of teachers are experienced, passionate educators who work together to uphold the high-quality, nurturing environment that is The Lodge.


The Lodge was established in 1978, relocating to our present premises in 1992.  We are proud to say that we have a fantastic reputation with the families and schools we work with.  Our teachers enjoy working at The Lodge and our staff turnover is very low.  This has allowed us to build a fantastic, cohesive team.  


Our environment balances a routine that encourages our children to flourish, daily age-appropriate adult-initiated lessons and activities delivering our EYFS curriculum, with a well-planned play environment.   Every child starts everyday with their Key Person, giving parents and the Key Person the opportunity to discuss each child, and children to enjoy focussed time with their Key Person.  Our children and parents love the balance we strike between adult-led activities and learning and child-initiated play and activities.  


We have great relationships with our families and many past pupils/families keep in touch and send their own children to The Lodge for us to nurture and cherish.  Our Parent Representatives arrange regular opportunities for The Lodge parents to meet up and we invite parents in to the school several times a year for special occasions and celebrations.  We also have a rota so parents can volunteer to spend a morning with us if they like.  We have excellent links with local schools.  Schools have fed back that they very much enjoy receiving children from The Lodge, who are fully prepared for school and move on with enthusiasm and excellent social skills.  




It is our intent to give children the best possible start to their school life by embracing each unique child, engaging, empowering, elevating and equipping them with skills and attitudes to be happy, confident, well rounded individuals with a love for learning.  



Our intention is to provide a happy and stimulating environment, and to foster within each child in our care the desire to discover, to learn and to apply the knowledge acquired. We aim to help each child to develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually as an individual, whilst considering the rights and needs of others. Our highly motivated and well qualified staff are sure that by fostering friendship and respect to other members of the group we will help the children in our care begin a useful and constructive role in society.


We aim to offer an inclusive environment, accessible to all children in the community ensuring each child feels happy, safe and secure, allowing them to learn and develop freely.


We offer the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS) which conforms to Government requirements. Whilst allowing freedom to play and socialise our structured programme enriches children’s learning and prepares them for full-time school. We aim to work in partnership with parents and encourage parents/carers to be involved in their children’s early education and care.





Communication and Language:


In both small and large groups, children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking and listening and by hearing and responding to stories, songs and rhymes. Children learn to recognise letter shapes and sounds.



Personal, Social and Emotional Development:


Supporting children to develop in confidence and self-respect, sharing and co-operating with other children and adults. Learning good behaviour, good manners and independence and improving well being and happiness.



Physical Development:


Fine Motor Skills - painting, drawing, model building, manipulation of different materials, jigsaw puzzles and table top games and activities, whilst enjoyable for their own sake, encourage manipulative skills and prepare for writing and reading.

Gross Motor Skills - climbing frame, bikes and scooters, hoops, balls and hopscotch, obstacle courses, balance activities and outdoor games not only provide exercise but also help to develop co-ordination and balance.





Our well stocked book corner and library, together with children’s “All about Me” books give every child the opportunity and encouragement to handle books and become aware of their uses for pleasure, reference and as a source of stories and pictures. Story time, often accompanied by movement, puppets, actions etc, ignite children's passion for literature.  Children are helped to understand that written symbols carry meaning and become aware of the purposes of writing and draw symbols themselves.  We use phonics and children are encouraged to learn and recognise their name as soon as they start at The Lodge.



Understanding of the World:


Through activities and discussion children are allowed to discover and experiment with a range of natural and manufactured materials. They are assisted to explore and understand their environment, and by using simple tools and techniques, to extend their technological understanding. With thoughtful activities children gain an awareness of cultures and beliefs of others.



Mathematical Development:


Through a variety of activities we aim to foster in children a positive attitude to mathematics. Through songs and picture books children become aware of numerals. Shape and size sorting, comparing and counting, sequencing and ordering help to develop their understanding and ability to solve practical problems.



Expressive Arts and Design:


By using a wide range of art equipment the children explore colour, shape and texture, and develop skills in drawing, painting and collage. We have regular music and movement sessions and the children enjoy singing and playing on our wide range of percussion instruments. There are many opportunities for imaginative role play.



Learning and Development Goals




 The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requires that all early years children have an appointed key person.  The EYFS glossary defines a key person as 'an adult who shows a special interest in the child through close personal interaction day to day'.  We think it is important that every child at our setting has a key person appointed for them to focus on the child's welfare and wellbeing and act as an important link with the child's school and home life.


The key person has special responsibilities for working with a number of children, giving them reassurance to feel safe and cared for building relationships with their parent carers.  The key person is a lynchpin of the child's care at The Lodge as they have responsibility for creating an atmosphere in which the individual child can thrive.


The role of the key person is to keep up to date with the child and their development within the setting through our observation and assessment process, updating the child's personal development records, updating the individual child's planning and sharing important information with parents.  The key person will meet with other professionals, such as school teachers, to discuss the child's development, likes, dislikes and behaviour management to ensure consistency in all approaches.  The key person is also responsible for ensuring that the child develops positive relationships with other adults at the setting, and that the setting's team are kept up-to-date with the child's progress, so that absences of the key worker would not cause distress to the child.  


Your child's key person will be decided upon by taking account of the sessions the child attends, the hours the team member works and the compatibility between the child, parent or carer and the team member.  On occasion the key person may change, but you will be kept informed of changes.


Your key person will use our Tapestry Online Learning Journal system to update you periodically on the child's activities, play and development that week.  This system is an 'open door' system and you are always invited to reply with any queries or feedback you may have.  Similarly we encourage parents to add "observations" to their child's online journal as frequently as they can to provide your child's Key Person with information about what your child is intersted in doing at home and give valuable insight into home life.  


Your child's Key Person will always be happy to make an appointment to discuss your child in person or by phone if you would like to.  

Your Child's Key Person