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Welcome to The Lodge

The Lodge is a truly unique preschool with an emphasis on education, learning and development delivered through an experienced, nurturing, enthusiastic team.  

The Lodge prides itself on helping children to learn and develop in a supporting, nurturing and happy environment.


We welcome children from 2 years old and are equipped to support children with special needs.  We are dedicated to preparing children for full-time schooling in accordance with the Government's Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  We are able to offer government funded places for for 3-4 year olds accessing Early Education and have spaces for children accessing 'Free for Two'.  


Please explore our site and virtual tour to read more about our team, our daily routines, and why we are so popular with our

parents, our schools and our children.      





What Ofsted says about us


Ofsted have found us to be Outstanding in all areas.  The inspector highlighted the strength, skill and enthusiasm of the teaching team and the strong relationships they have with the children in their care.  We are very proud of the findings of Ofsted, and feel that the inspector described what we do at The Lodge well.  We have quoted some highlights below.


The inspector found that:


all children at the preschool:


made excellent progress,



demonstrate exemplary behaviour,



are confident,



are enthusiastic to learn,



are exceptionally well supported,  



and have exceptional speaking and listening skills,



learn to count, recognise numbers, match colours and develop a wide vocabulary.



Outcomes for children are outstanding.





respond to children’s needs exceedingly well



are strong role models,



continually model attentive listening skills,



provide children with ideal chances to share their thoughts and ideas,



promote all areas of learning,



stimulate each child’s imagination, enthusiasm and enjoyment,  



are extremely vigilant to all aspects of child protection,



are tireless, enthusiastic and expert.



The environment:


is a rich learning environment,



is a hive of purposeful activity,



children develop a passion for the natural world around them and lead an active and healthy life at nursery.  They have delicious and nutritious snacks and lots of exciting outdoor play.  



The management team:


is highly reflective,



believes that all children deserve the best possible start in life,



have high expectations of practice,



have high expectations of what children can achieve,



carefully reflects on its practice and the performance of staff.


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Inclusion is about treating every person as an individual and seeking to meet their individual needs.  These needs may be related to their age, gender, sexuality, physical or mental ability, culture, or religion.  The Lodge Nursery School strives to meet the diverse and various needs of all children by aiming to remove physical and social barriers to their participation.  We aim to promote and support the inclusion of all children.


The school's Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) manages the provision for children with special educational needs or physical disabilities, with support of the whole teaching team.


COVID-19 Update


At The Lodge we take health and safety seriously. In light of the current outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the safety and well being of our children, families and staff is paramount.  We have put in place additional protective measures, all of which are based on Public Health England guidance and best practice as advised by the Department of Education, National Day Nursery Association, the Local Authority and Early Years Alliance.  


Covid hasn't gone away and we are constantly evaluating our processes and risk assessments, and reviewing them in line with Government updates.  We communicate very clearly and reguarly with our parents and carers about our COVID protective measures and how they can support our efforts.